We found the people of Bermuda to be the most genuine, friendly locals we’ve ever encountered as tourists.  Maybe it was because we had a baby, but so many people stopped to ask if they could help us in any way.

Get this… One day, after picking up the famous fish sandwich from Art Mel’s we walked a few blocks from the diner and sat on the curb to enjoy our lunch.  There were 4 cars that pulled over just to ask if we liked the Sandwich! This blew us away and was a testament to the fact that hospitality is ingrained in their culture.

We felt our 5 day trip was the perfect amount of time to explore the 22 mile long island with our 6 month old.    Other than to and from the airport (prearranged taxi), we rode the public buses and a public ferry everywhere we wanted to go.

These were the 5 most memorable places on our visit:

1. Venturing Just Beyond Horseshoe Bay

While this popular beach is packed with tourists, a 5 minute walk on the coastal trails led us to several small beach coves that we could have all to ourselves.   Our Airbnb was nearby so we packed picnics (or picked up incredible pizza from Gulfstream) and dined on a new ‘private’ beach each evening.

2. Hamilton City: The Heart of Bermuda

We planned Hamilton for our one rainy day, knowing that we could find cover whenever it started to drizzle.   We learned about Bermuda’s History and the legends of the Bermuda Triangle at the Underwater Exploration Institute.

3. The Delightfully English City of St. George’s

On the far end of the Island is the charming historic town St. George’s.  This was the site of the first English Settlement in Bermuda.  In addition to wandering the town and it’s shops, we really enjoyed a few points of interest outside the city and on the way back towards our Airbnb in Horseshoe Bay.

Between St. George’s and Hamilton, make sure to check out:

Blue Hole Park – The trail to find the “hole” is not well marked so be prepared to make some wrong turns but eventually the trail will take you to a clearing. From there, you’ll see a path to a deck overlooking the Blue Hole.

Unfinished Church – Unfortunately due to erosion, visitors can no longer walk into the ruins. My photo below is through a window.

The Swizzle InnYour trip to Bermuda is incomplete without Fish Soup and a potent Rum Swizzle. Delicious versions of each of these can be found at the Swizzle Inn. Bring a sharpie to sign the wall!

4. The quietly renowned Seaglass Beach of Bermuda

This secluded beach covered in washed up seaglass is still seemingly unknown to many tourists.  We spent an hour sifting through the colorful glass looking for treasures, only joined by one family during our time there.   

Locals have created some fun mosaic artwork with the glass as well! 

How to Find Seaglass Beach in Bermuda:

To get there, take the bus towards dockyard beach and let the driver know you’d like to stop at Seaglass Beach.  He or she will let you know where to get off.

When we were finished we walked about 25 minutes to the Dockyard (or you could wait for the next bus.)


5. An Artist Haven: Royal Navy Dockyard

The Dockyard was a stronghold of the British Navy for 150 years.  The former warehouses are now filled with artisans, The Bermuda Rum Cake Company, and restaurants.

Explore the Frog & Onion Pub while drinking one of their pints and watch the glassblowers at work at Dockyard Glassworks.

Prepare for crowds if you’re there in the summer months as this serves as the island’s cruise port.

Returning to Hamilton: We took a ferry from the Dockyard back to Hamilton which gave us a different perspective of the island.


  1. My mum went to Bermuda before I was born and only has positive things to say about it. I would like to go myself but haven’t looked into it yet. These spots you mentioned look really great to visit though, so I’ll have to make sure I do some research soon!

  2. Looks like a fun adventure! I’d never heard of Seaglass Beach before but it looks amazing. And your baby is super adorable (especially in the sunglasses). Most people I know aren’t brave enough to travel with a little one that young. Bravo!

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