Having these battery powered camping gadgets makes site setup and family camping a breeze, especially without an electric hookup! Here are 17 ways we used Dewalt tools to simplify camping with kids.

This is not a sponsored post, we are just a DEWALT obsessed family. That said, if anyone reading this works at DEWALT, I’d love to work together in the future!

Cordless Fan

We kept this travel friendly Dewalt Fan running almost nonstop throughout a rainy weekend camping. But that’s not all it was good for, a fan has a lot of benefits:

  1. Dry out a damp tent, sleeping bags, and clothes
    There was a storm overnight our first night at the site. It was too much for our tent’s rain fly to handle so we ended up with some drips and therefore damp sleeping bags. We ran the fan throughout the next day and our beds were dry by the next evening so we were able to sleep comfortably.
  2. Keep the tent cool
    On sunny days, a tent quickly becomes an oven! Keep cool during naptime or through the night with a cordless fan.
  3. Provide white noise
    As an added bonus, it offers just enough white noise to drawn out noise from nearby campers. Our infant slept better than he does at home!
  4. Keep bugs away
    Running a fan next to our picnic table made a big difference to keep the bugs at bay!

Cordless Blower

In our 30s, sleeping pads just don’t cut it anymore. From now on, we will camp with an air mattress. If you’ve ever used the pump that connects to your vehicle’s cigarette lighter, you know it takes AGES to inflate.

The Dewalt Cordless Blower was a game changer for inflating our mattress. It even came with the necessary nozzle attachments for a variety of uses. It has 3 speeds too to avoid overfill!

I rolled my eyes when my husband packed this for our trip, but it turned out to be an inventive family camping gadget.

Use a blower on your camping vacation to:

  1. Clean out your tent
    I swear we cleanout the tent every time we pack it up, yet there is always debris/dead bugs when we set it up again. Quickly cleanup mud, grass, sand, and bugs from your tent’s floor.
  2. Fill an air mattress
    The FASTEST way we’ve ever blown up our mattress and we didn’t have to awkwardly hold it against our car door to reach the cigarette lighter.
  3. Stoke the fire
    OK, seems like overkill, but effective nonetheless.

Cordless Vacuum

  1. Suck up bugs
    The sound of buzzing flies in the tent is enough to keep me up at night. Quickly suck up mosquitos, flies, and spiders with a cordless vacuum.
  2. Clean out the car
    We usually don’t bother with car cleanout until we return home, but if you’re on an extended trip, a quick cleanse might be necessary.
  3. Keep tent floor clean
    Forget a broom and dustpan. Use a cordless vacuum to clean up all the grass and dirt that inevitably makes its way inside the tent.

USB Charger

  1. Power up your devices
    Charge two USB devices on the go with this power bank-like Dewalt USB Charger. Kids do and say adorable things out in the woods. Keep your camera (or phone) juiced up!

Bluetooth Speaker

This ‘job site’ durable Dewalt Bluetooth Speaker added ambiance while we hung out around the fire. It also provided bonus USB charging ports for keep our phones charged.

  1. Bluetooth audio
    This ‘job site’ durable Dewalt Bluetooth Speaker added ambiance while we hung out around the fire. It also provided bonus USB charging ports for keep our phones charged.

    I was impressed by the bluetooth range (at least 100 ft) and crisp audio quality.
  2. Aux connection
    Connect to any audio player via the aux cable input.
  3. Charge your device
    The speaker has a built-in USB port.

Dewalt Adjustable Angle Flashlights

  1. Illuminate your tent
    Dewalt flashlights have a hook on them to easily hang from your tent’s ceiling.
  2. Brighten your campsite
    This flashlight is even brighter than the one above, but also offers a dimmer setting. Light up your camp site to avoid anyone tripping on tree roots, kids toys, or discarded sandals. We hung ours from the canopy tent.
  3. Late night hikes or dog walks
    Light the way for yourselves and to make sure others can see you, especially cars.

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The Roundup

Globally Inspired Picture Books

Picture books about unfamiliar places, faces, foods, and customs have generated such wonderful curiosity and discussion in our home.

Here are some of our favorites:

Busy Board

Quiet Books or Busy Books make excellent toys for road trips or air travel. I’ve had a number of flight attendants and fellow passengers take a picture of ours for the toddler in their lives.

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