Meanwhile in Jamaica, the people are chill, the beer is cold, and the chicken is jerky.

We planned a laid back day in Jamaica, all we aimed to do was eat, drink, and listen to Reggae. “No problem, man” – yep, they really say that!   We heard it constantly during our day in Montego Bay.

Doctor’s Cave Beach

An easy destination for any Cruisers is a private beach called Doctor’s Cave.   It’s worth paying the few dollar entry fee because it minimizes the number of peddlers trying to sell you goods.

The Beach is right next to the Hip Strip if you’re interested in shopping. We found the shop owners to be too pushy.   The ladies in the post office though were lovely, we bought, wrote, and mailed our post cards while having a nice chat with them.

Getting there from Montego Bay Cruise Port

Take the transport offered by your cruise ship (likely about $20pp round trip).  We were able to travel to and from town for $15pp, but it was not worth the hassle and extra wait time while they tried to fill a shuttle completely.  Also, beware of scams.  Our driver convince the majority of our bus into paying round trip right away…never to be seen again.

Horse Back Riding in the Ocean

My sister and our friend went on a horse back riding excursion.  They said it was an incredible experience, the only negative is that the tour group sizes are large so it felt a bit rushed.

Looked awesome though.

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Food to Try in Jamaica

Jerk Chicken, of course, served with bammy and festival.   If you’re there at breakfast time, be sure to taste their national dish “ackee and cod fish”.   We had Snapper too. It may have been good, but it was too spicy for me on an already hot day.

  • Bammies – flatbread made with grated cassava, dipped in coconut milk and fried until golden brown.
  • Festival – “Carribean Dumplings” taste just like deep fried cornbread.
  • Ackee and Cod Fish (or Saltfish) – National Dish of Jamaica – Common for breakfast or brunch, the nutty ackee fruit is paired with salty cod.

Red Stripe has a few flavored varieties that were offered in cans and we really liked the ginger version, super refreshing.

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  1. It is great knowing that you had a great time in Jamaica despite the hiccups especially with your driver. He doesn’t represent the majority of private taxi and tour operators, however as the saying goes one bad apple spoils the rest.

    My advise is that the next time you are coming to Jamaica it is better to pre-plan your day with people who care, this way you can ask as many questions, get your answers before time. This will help you do more during your short sojourn on the island.

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