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Are you looking for a family friendly La Fortuna Airbnb that feels immersed in the flora of the country? Karla’s Airbnb had plenty of indoor and outdoor space for our family of four. We didn’t even need the 3rd bedroom for sleeping space, but it served as an excellent staging area.

A La Fortuna Airbnb With Everything You Could Want

Secure Parking. 3 Bedroom. 1 Bath. Private yard. Stairway to a secluded stream. Stocked kitchen. Covered patio with a hammock and toys. Beautiful flora and fauna. Air conditioning and fast WIFI. What more could you want?

My kids were in heaven spotting bugs, piling rocks, and swaying in the hammock in the backyard. It was heaven on earth.

We had everything we needed to be able to relax in the yard and covered patio with our young children. There was a highchair for our 1 year old, a rocking chair, hammock, and a whole bin of kid toys (mega blocks and trucks).

Staying at Karla’s place, we felt like we had our own private hideaway just minutes from the touristic center of Fortuna, Costa Rica.

A La Fortuna Airbnb with Unbeatable Hospitality

On top of that, Karla is the most gracious host we’ve found on Airbnb. She came over one evening and helped my kids spot frogs in the dark so my husband could take photos.

On our last morning, she brought each of us a Casado breakfast which my kids devoured faster than they’ve ever eaten before.

Nearby Attractions

All the La Fortuna Attractions on our list were easy to get to by car from Karla’s Airbnb. Here are approximate driving distances to some of the most popular attractions.

Mistico Hanging Bridges – 40 minutes

Tabacon (Check out the FREE Hot Springs next door) – 25 minutes

Lava Flow Trailhead at Arenal Volcano – 30 minutes

Chocolate Farms – Several within 20 minutes

La Fortuna Waterfall – 20 minutes

Downtown La Fortuna – 15 minutes

Now, about the bugs…

I hope what I’m about to type doesn’t dissuade you from staying at a local’s Airbnb over a resort. You are in a tropical country. There are a lot of bugs, and BIG bugs at that. Our first night, we weren’t disciplined enough about keeping the back door closed and we had to catch a cockroach and cicada inside the house.

The bathroom is in the back patio, it has an open air ‘window’ so bugs seemed to be attracted to the light after dark. I learned to shower during daylight to avoid any creepy crawlies.

The buzz of the cicadas and the sound of them crashing into the outside of the house made white noise a necessity for me to fall asleep. The rotating fan did the trick for my husband. I wore ear plugs and I had a sound machine packed for my kids.

Do your family a favor and book this Airbnb!

Enjoy your stay at Karla’s Place. Pura Vida!

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