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Are you wondering what to expect on your first Legoland Florida family trip? With these Legoland Florida tips, you can have an enjoyable and smooth experience.

Legoland Florida Tips

Bring a “Blah” Lego Mini Figure

One of our top Legoland Florida tips is to bring a simple or “blah” Lego Mini Figure from home. Throughout the park, there are multiple opportunities to “trade up” your mini figure. Guest Services has a tray full of them that you can check out at the start of your visit.

Also, do not forget to pay attention to the badges of the Model Citizens (Legoland staff). They often have creative and unique mini figures that your kids can trade with!

Our kids absolutely loved this activity and it made for a great conversation starter with staff members and other guests.

Legoland Florida Tips Trade Minifigures throughout the park

Don’t Pay for Kids’ Tickets

A no brainer way to save money is by subscribing to the free Lego Magazine. Inside, you’ll find a coupon that allows one child to get free admission with a paid adult ticket.

You can subscribe each of your children for the magazine and use multiple coupons. As long as each is paired with an adult, they’ll enter the park free! This is one of the most valuable Legoland Florida tips for families on a budget.

We saved the magazines we received leading up to our trip for the kids to read while traveling to Legoland. They’re packed with age appropriate activities too!

Legoland Florida Tips Don't pay for kids tickets. Find coupons by requesting the free lego life magazine.

Download the Legoland App

The Legoland app is a fantastic tool for navigating the park.

One of its most useful features, in my opinion, is to filter the attractions by height, which allows you to see which rides are suitable for your child.?This can be especially helpful to determine your route through the park if you have younger children who may not meet the height requirements for many attractions.

The app provides a map of the park, estimated wait times for rides, and the daily entertainment schedule.

Measure Your Child

Before you head to the park or at arrival, make sure to measure your child. This will give you an idea of their eligibility for various rides.

Legoland used to give out wristbands indicating a child’s height, but this is no longer the case. However, you can find a ruler outside Guest Services at the park entrance for a quick check.

Legoland Florida Tips Measure your Kids

Spare Kids from Long Lines

Legoland Florida created ingenious play areas inside the line queues so that kids can build while parents hold the spot in line.

Once parents reach the front of the line, kids can easily rejoin them.

Legoland Florida Tips Kids can skip the line and play while parents hold the spot.

Don’t Miss Granny’s Apple Fries

While we packed most of the food we consumed at the park, we knew we weren’t leaving until we found out if these fries lived up to the hype. They were A-mazing.

Legoland Florida Tips Don't miss Granny's Apple Fries

Take a Break at the Imagination Zone or Dots Building

Legoland Florida can get quite hot, especially in the summer. One of our top Legoland Florida tips is to take a break from the heat inside the Imagination Zone or Dots Building at the peak of the day.

Here, your kids can craft their own Lego creations with refreshing air conditioning. My kids loved trying all the car tracks and ramps.

At the Dots Building, kids can design a tile out of Lego Dots and add their creation to the wall of the room.

Legoland Florida Tips Seek A/C during peak of day

Be Diligent About Sunscreen

Florida sun can be intense, so remember to apply and reapply sunscreen throughout your day at the park. Set a timer on your phone so reapplications don’t slip your mind while you’re having a blast.

Bring Your Stroller

If you have a child who naps, bring your stroller. Preferably, one with a large sun shade to protect your little one from the sun while they rest.

If your kids don’t need it but are young enough that you still have one, bring it anyway! It’s a great place to park your cooler, water bottles, spare clothes, etc. instead of renting a locker.

Legoland Florida Tips Bring Your Stroller for Naps and Storage

Carry in Food and Drinks

Here’s another of our money saving Legoland Florida tips. Bring your own food and (non-alcoholic) drinks. Legoland permits small, soft-sided coolers, and there are numerous picnic areas throughout the park.

The area by the Imagination Zone is particularly nice, with plenty of tables in the shade plus nearby restrooms.

Legoland Florida Tips Save Money by backing lunches

Check the Daily Schedule

You’ll want to be sure to see the Brickbeard’s Watersport Stunt Show while you’re at the park!

Check the daily entertainment schedule for live shows, character experiences, and more. You’ll find all this information in the app.

Legoland Florida Tips Check the Daily Entertainment schedule

Visit on a Weekday

If possible, visit Legoland Florida on a weekday. The crowds tend to be smaller, making for a more enjoyable experience.

If you arrive and find the crowds too large, don’t hesitate to ask Guest Services to reschedule your ticket. They are typically understanding and will help you reschedule for a less crowded day.

What to Pack

In addition to sunscreen and food mentioned above, here are some more items to pack to make your day more comfortable and save money while you’re at it.

There’s a splash area that is all too tempting on a hot day, so make sure you have swim suits or spare clothing.

Water bottles, sunscreen, sunhats, wipes, snacks, and a power bank charger.

Wear a fanny pack instead of a purse. I wasn’t asked to store mine in a cubby while on rides, I just had to turn it to my back.

Legoland Florida Tips

What Not to Pack

  • Dollar bills. Legoland Florida is a Cashless Resort.
  • Hard-sided coolers or coolers larger than 8.5″ x 6″ x 6″.

Exiting Through the Gift Shop

Keep an eye out for exclusive Lego sets sold only at the park! These are the ones to prioritize to fit in your luggage. Standard sets can be purchased online for the same price.

Legoland Florida Tips Be selective over what you purchase at the gift shop vs online.

Where to Stay

Of course, you can stay onsite at the Legoland Resort Hotel and if you do, many room packages included your tickets to the park.

Otherwise, choose a hotel in Orlando, Tampa, or Sarasota. All of these cities offer an easy day trip to Legoland.

Legoland Florida Tips Stay at Legoland Resort

Final Thoughts on Legoland Florida Tips

Legoland Florida is a premier vacation destination for families, particularly those with children between the ages of 2 and 12. Armed with these Legoland Florida tips your crew is sure to have a fantastic time in the park!

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