32% of its citizens are millionaires

This tiny “country” nestled along the coast of southern France is home to some of the world’s wealthiest people. Monaco is a place where your 70′ yacht looks really “cute” next to some of the world’s largest luxury boats.  Your Mercedes might as well be a Ford Focus. So don’t plan on spending a night, but was neat to fantasize for a day.

Getting to Monaco from Nice

If you are in Nice, there is a bus (#100) that leaves every 15-20 minutes from the Port and travels into Monaco. The cost is 1.50€ and is by far the cheapest option you will find getting there. Make sure to sit on the right side of the bus for the 45 minute journey as the views along the coast are amazing.

We recommend getting off at the fist stop in Monaco, “Place d’ Arms.”  From there, you can walk up the hill to view the palace, cathedral, and oceanographic museum.

Monte Carlo Casino

Coming down from the hill, you can wind your way along the harbor and follow the signs to the famous Monte Carlo Casino.

Squeeze past the expensive cars pretending not to gawk and enter the lobby to take a photo.

If you want to see where the money is won and lost you will have to pay a 10€ cover.

Stop by Le Metropole shopping mall located right next store if you would like the ultimate luxury window shopping experience. You wont find a Gap or Auntie Ann’s, only Gucci, Prada, marble staircases, and chandeliers.

Get out of Dodge

When you realize that you could never afford that lifestyle, grab Bus100 back to Nice from the Monte Carlo stop. It is located right at the top of the hill above the casino.

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