Toledo Spain

If you have a day to spare in Madrid, I highly recommend taking a day trip to Toledo. 

Getting to Toledo from Madrid

Your best options are:

  1. An “on your own” bus trip for €18 round trip. (1 hr 15 min each way)
  2. The highspeed Avant train for about €26 round trip.   (32 min each way)

How to Spend A Day in Toledo

You can see a lot with just a half day in Toledo as long as you’re prepared to walk.  Up hill both ways, no joke.  That said, we found this to be a wonderful way to experience the city; just getting lost in its winding streets.

1. Santa Iglesia Catedral Primada de Toledo

The number one historic site to see is the Santa Iglesia Catedral Primada de Toledo.  It has an outstanding collection of European Art and interesting history from Napoléon’s invasion.

Toledo Spain

2. San Juan de los Reyes Monastery

We also enjoyed exploring the San Juan de los Reyes Monastery which only costs about €2.50.


3. Eat Marzipan Cake

While in Toledo, don’t miss their renowned Marzipan cake.  You can even buy some made by nuns at the convent.  I suppose they’ve had a lot of down time over the years to perfect their recipes. Look for signs that say “Dulces Convento.” 

4. Take a Panoramic Photo of the Hilltop City of Toledo, Spain

You can walk about 30 minutes along the main road to a look out point called “Mirador del Valle.” 

However, we recommend hiring a cab to take you up there for your photos from the town center and then head directly to the train station to return to Madrid.  As an added bonus, you have a photographer!   That full trip will only run you about €8.

Toledo Spain
Toledo, Spain

4. Alcazar de Toledo

The Alcazar de Toledo is the large stone fortification at the highest point, with the corner towers. Much of it was rebuilt in the 40s and 50s after damages during the Spanish Civil War.

It is primarily a military museum, but it also holds Moorish architecture remains, and more general Spanish history.

5. Buy a Souvenir

Popular Souvenirs in Toledo included Silver (mostly in the form of ‘fake’ knives/swords) and Leather. We, of course, sent home a postcard.

Enjoy your trip!

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