Reaching Rostock from the Warnemünde Cruise Port

Our cruise ship docked in Warnemünde with a 5-7 minute walk to the city center and a train station.  For €4 round trip, we took a 21 minute train ride into Rostock, Germany.   Validate your ticket at the beginning of your journey!  A “5th class” boy sat next to us and struck up conversation using the basic English he’s learned in school.  It was sweet watching him interact with Liam.

After the train ride, a 5 minute tram (using the same ticket) will take you directly to the city center and main town square.



Upon arrival, we visited the market in the main square (Neuer Markt) and spent some time shopping on the streets just off the square. The city is enjoyable to walk through, at whatever pace your little one allows.

The pink building on the square with 7 turrets atop is City Hall (Rathaus) which is as old as the square itself, dating back to the 13th century. I certainly wouldn’t have guessed this by looking at it.



A North German Brick Gothic church built in the 1300s.  We saw this black brick style across Rostok and Warnemunde.  I was most captivated by the astronomical clock here, dating from 1472.

City Wall

The original city wall was constructed nearly 1000 years ago.  It was adapted for stronger defense in the 15-1600s.  There is still about a kilometer of the city wall intact including guardhouses.

Pick a Playground

Find a play structure or an open field to let your little(s) burn off energy and soak in your undivided attention.

Lunch and a Liter at Zumalten Fritz.

We can’t spend a day in Germany without eating a soft pretzel, we picked up a Raclette Pretzel from one of the street vendors.   For lunch and a beer, we followed a local’s recommendation and headed to the riverside brewery called Zumalten Fritz.



As soon as you get into town, head straight for the waterfront! The lighthouse, the main landmark, was built in 1898.


One of the nicest beaches we’ve visited in Europe and certainly the most sprawling! It had such fine white sand and a sprawling beach (15 km).   If only the weather was a bit warmer, we would’ve loved the spend more time here. Liam was very content digging into the sand.

A great form of entertainment for our little family was a woman (would she be called a street performer?) creating giant bubbles. Liam stood watching them shape shifting passed him as if he was hypnotized. We took a crack at it as well, it wasn’t as easy as it looked.

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