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Green Bay’s Bay Beach Amusement Park will always hold childhood nostalgia for me. So perhaps I have a slight bias when I say every Wisconsin child should experience Bay Beach’s thrills, energy, and snacks. Look at it this way, a day of family fun for under $50 with memories to last a lifetime!

Bay Beach 2023 Opening Hours

Affordable Family Fun at Bay Beach Amusement Park

The most any ride will set you back is $1 and that is on their wooden rollercoaster. Most of the rides for little kids are only 1 ticket, or $0.25.

Parking is FREE and Admission is FREE making Bay Beach unmatched in terms of value for your money at an amusement park. To make your visit even more frugal, you can pack a picnic lunch, though the concession pricing is unsurprisingly also very fair.

After 20+ years, I returned to Bay Beach with my two boys in 2021 and felt a burst of childhood enthusiasm showing them some of the rides from ‘back in my day.’ Even though they’re little, there were plenty of kiddie rides to delight them.

Waiting in Line at Bay Beach Amusement Park

Visiting at the end of the season, over a weekend in September 2021, the longest my family waited in line at Bay Beach was 10 minutes (2 ride cycles) for the train ride.

Other than that, we were on the next run of the kiddie rides.

The longest lines we saw (but my kids were too little to try) were Bumper Cars and the Rollercoaster.

Suitable Rides for Young Thrill Seekers

As I mentioned, I visited with my 3-year-old and 14-month-old.

It was heartwarming to enjoy the giant slide with my 3-year-old as memories came flooding back from my own childhood. We slid four times in a row, again, with little to now wait.

Some of their rides were even suitable for my 14 month old, look for the rides that say “must be able to sit on their own.” The train and merry go round were fun to do together. He could do the helicopters and a couple other kiddie rides as well.

Here’s are the ride height requirements at Bay Beach. Note that the Bay Beast and Falling Star rides were removed.

The Ferris Wheel has large gondolas so the whole family can ride together. Soak in the beautiful views of the bay and the entirety of the park.

Food and Beverage Options at Bay Beach

The best thing we ate at Bay Beach was the Pavilion’s Funnel Cake Fries.

Before You Leave

Right before loading the kids in the car, we let them run wild at the playground to exude any last bits of energy before we drove home. I hope yours are car sleepers too!

What else is in the area?

Are you looking to make a weekend out of your trip to Bay Beach? Here are a few ideas for other kid-friendly restaurants and attractions near the amusement park.

Next to the amusement park, check out the Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary. We can’t wait to visit this summer when we return to Bay Beach. Check the calendar for the animal event series, like wolf feedings!

Right across the street from Bay Beach, you’ll find the Children’s Museum of Green Bay, Mini Golf, and Go Karts.

Check out the Titletown district that surrounds Lambeau Field. Green Bay’s pride and joy. Dine at one of their restaurants, play at the playground, or hang out at the plaza (Pack your own football and play catch!)

Dine inside the Stadium’s atrium or shop at the Pro Shop. Avid Packer fans? Consider staying overnight at this very green and gold vacation rental.

Family Fun in Door County

Green Bay is not far from Door County. Extend your family vacation with these family friendly Door County activities!

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