Gift Ideas for Travel Lovers

It feels great to travel freely once again and to share travel goodies with my friends and family who are actively doing the same. Here are more than 30 gift ideas for travel lovers based on my favorite products and memberships.

Travel Gifts for Parents

These travel gift ideas are wonderful for anyone, but particularly for parents. They’ll help moms and dads save money and take the stress out of travel with young kids.

TSA Precheck

Fund their $85 TSA Precheck application!

Kids under 12 can ‘piggy back’ on their chaperone’s precheck. Some claim the lines for TSA Precheck have been longer than normal line, but I’d say that’s rare. Plus, even if the line is a little longer, you don’t have to take off shoes, light coats, liquids, and electronics while also juggling your little one if you’re going through the Precheck line.

Travel Gifts for Parents


Gift a membership to their local zoo, children’s museum, nature center, natural history museum, or science center that has national or global reciprocity. Reciprocal networks save the cardholders 50%-100% off admission helping your loved one stretch their travel budget farther.

Travel Pill Container

This is the perfect mini medicine cabinet for a variety of ailments you may encounter with kids on vacation; upset tummy, fever, allergy, etc. Check it out here, they’re ultra affordable! I carry one with kid medications and one with my own.

For more on what we pack in our kid’s medicine bag, check out our full post.

Gift Ideas for Travel Lovers

Apple AirTags

AirTags bring so much peace of mind when traveling with kids. First off, we drop one into any bag (or stroller) we check in case it gets lost we can help the airline track it down if they are at a loss for answers.

Secondly, you can attach AirTags to your children. We’ve done this in a zipper pocket but you can also purchase AirTag bracelets or shoe attachments.

You will typically save $5 per tag on Black Friday or Prime Days.

Gift Ideas for Travel Lovers (3)

Phone Holder

This phone holder is so multifunctional. It clips TIGHT anywhere you need it and securely holds your phone at the angle you need it to. We’ve used it on planes, on our suitcase if we are stuck in a long line at immigration, and in rental cars.

Gift Ideas for Travel Lovers

Busy Bags or Binders

One of the most appreciated gifts I’ve received is a kit of activities for my kids to unwrap or discover along our journey.

You could prepare activities in a binder or individually wrap small gifts or activities. Some of our favorite, low cost activities are:

Gift Ideas for Travel Lovers Kids

Document Organizer

Keep everything easy to access and safely stored in one place with this document organizer with space for up to FIVE passports. 

Gift Ideas for Travel Lovers (3)

Travel Gifts For Kids

Little Passports Subscription (or just one box)

With Little Passports, kids learn about the world with fun activities, interesting facts, and stories. This is one of our favorite family friendly gift ideas for travel lovers.

Travel Gifts for Kids

Endless Sketching Fun

I don’t know how these LCD Drawing Tablets work, but they sure hold my kid’s attention! They are our go to for car rides and at restaurants.

Travel Gifts for Kids (5)

Airplane LEGO Set

Airplane obsessed kiddos will love constructing their own passenger airplane.

Travel Gifts for Kids (4)

Packable Puzzle Game

Kanoodle is a great travel sized puzzle for kids 7+.

Travel Gifts for Kids (3)

TEGU Magnetic Blocks

My kids love magnetic play. TEGU has rare, but are known to price drop on Prime Days and Black Friday. Keep your eyes peeled for deals on these high quality favorites.

Travel Gifts for Kids (2)

Leapfrog Globe

My 5 year old likes to take the stylus and click around the globe to hear fun facts about certain countries.

Last year at Christmas, I gifted him this interactive globe and put little gemstones on the places we’d be traveling in the next year. We checked each out together. It was a fun way to give an experience gift but still offer something tangible to unwrap.

Travel Gifts for Kids

Gift Ideas for Anyone

A Reliable Power Bank

It’s a bit overwhelming to shop for power banks lately, because they are all over and the specs vary so greatly.

Do them a favor and gift one that has at least 7000-10000 mAh. This one can recharge your iPhone 2x and fits into a pocket or small purse! 

Gift Ideas for Travel Lovers (11)

Easy Setup Hanging Toiletry Bag

It’s great to be able to drop this hanging toiletry bag on a hook and easily access what you need without taking over all the counter space in the bathroom.

Gift Ideas for Travel Lovers (10)

Liquid IV

The greatest hydration solution for busy adults, post exercise, hot summer days, air travel, or after consuming alcohol. It comes in a number of flavors.  Choose a flavor here.

Flight Log

Without further delay, I have to shamelessly promote my own product, a Flight Log for jet-setting travelers to log their adventures above the clouds. It’s the perfect prompted journal for travelers young and old.

I fill one out for each of my boys until they’re ready to fill it out themselves. Here’s what it looks like:

Flight Log 1

Lightweight Packable Towels

My go to towel for travel is a Turkish Towel. They are sand wicking, fold small, and can be repurposed as a shawl if needed!

Gift Ideas for Travel Lovers

Packing Cubes

Packing cubes are a game changer, especially when you’re packing for more than one person. It’s a breeze to find an item you need without the entire contents of your suitcase pouring out.

Gift Ideas for Travel Lovers

Travel Backpack

When I saw someone with this bag on a recent girls trip I ordered one immediately. I love that the zipper allows you to fully open for easy access and packing and its sheer quantity of pockets are heavenly.

Gift Ideas for Travel Lovers

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