Flight Log – Liftoff Logbook for Tracking Kids’ Adventures Above the Clouds


Taking your kids on their first trip? Pack a copy of this book for each to log their unique experiences and observations! Learn more below.

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When we started our family in 2018, we were eager to continue our travels and log the kids’ every mile. We set out to create a book families can use to capture their adventures above the clouds. After all, the journey is half the fun.

We hope this becomes a treasure to your family like it is to ours.

✈️Inside the book:

-Flight stats and creative prompts to document 26 flight journeys.
-Two notes pages per flight for destination facts, trip notes, or photos.
-All About Me page to document travel firsts and travel favorites
-Kids’ Packing List
-Travel Photo Challenge
-Bucket List Experiences (blank checklist to write experiences the child hopes to collect)
-Bucket List Places (blank checklist to write natural areas, landmarks, or cities the child hopes to explore)
-Flight Distance Trackers
-The World in Lists (Continents, Oceans, Longest Rivers, Tallest Mountains, Seven Wonders, Countries, and US States)
-A meaningful gift for travel lovers who are new parents. They can fill the book with precious memories traveling with their tiny new explorer.

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