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A trip to Sheboygan with kids is the perfect overnight or weekend getaway from Milwaukee, Green Bay, or Madison.

The area has completely transformed since I grew up going to school in Sheboygan county and it deserves to be on everyone’s Wisconsin bucket list.

Here are seven things to do with kids in Sheboygan with kids.

1. Bookworm Gardens

This is a true treasure in Southeast Wisconsin. The Botanical Garden is impeccably maintained and it is themed around dozens of Children’s stories. You cannot miss this stop on your trip to Sheboygan with kids.

We strolled for hours, following our toddler’s lead as he bopped around each play space, inspected the colorful flowers, and created art with natural materials.

We spent the week following our visit reading many of the books that were ‘featured’ in the Gardens and talking about what he remembers exploring.

You cannot miss this stop on your trip to Sheboygan with kids.

If you live in Sheboygan County, your local library might offer passes for Bookworm Gardens that you can checkout for 3 days at a time.

2. Blue Harbor Resort in Sheboygan with Kids

Check in to the Blue Harbor Resort with its Breaker Bay Waterpark. This is the ideal place to stay with kids young and old; it offers something for everyone. Situated right along Lake Michigan and a sprawling sandy beach, you can enjoy windy walks along the waterfront.

Breaker Bay Waterpark is included with your stay. My three year old found plenty of slides and activities for his size.

3. Above and Beyond Children’s Museum

This museum is a beloved local favorite that constantly evolves the exhibits.

Their highly engaging activities are best for ages 1-8.

4. Mini Mocha Play Café

Pair your morning coffee with happy kids! I love the concept of play cafes; a place for my infant and toddler to play and socialize while I sip my morning brew. The owners of this Sheboygan café are especially friendly, helpful, and business savvy.

5. Bowling in Sheboygan with Kids

Grab a Spotted Cow, Root Beer, and Popcorn and treat your kids to some good old-fashioned bowling fun. With little ones, we were so pleased with the customer service and amenities at Odyssey Fun Center.

To help my toddler’s rolls reach the pins, they set up a Dinosaur shaped ramp for him to push the ball down. Additionally, they had bumper rails for him. They’d automatically rise and lower when it was his turn to bowl. Have I been under a rock? I didn’t know this was a thing!

6. Lake Michigan

Whether it’s a walk along the riverfront, the lakefront, boating, or even surfing, your trip to Sheboygan is incomplete without enjoying the water!

body of water during golden hour

7. See a Colossal American Flag

The Acuity Insurance Building in Sheboygan boasts “The World’s Largest Symbol of Freedom.” On your drive to or from Sheboygan with kids, have your family watch out the window and try to spot it! (As if you could miss it.)

flag of america

What else do you like to do in Sheboygan County? Share your tips in the comments below.

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