Father's Day Featured Travel Gifts

Are you searching for the perfect travel gifts for the Dad in your life? I have composed a list that I have found myself using over and over on numerous trips by ground and air. I guarantee Dad will love these things, so get him one or make a whole travel gift basket and surprise him for Father’s Day.


The first thing I know I need to pack on any trip are the gadgets. I am talking bundles of cords, headphones, chargers. You name it, I have it in the trunk. Here are some of my favorite go tos that make excellent travel gifts:

Bluetooth Ear Buds

I am a firm believer in the fact that things just disappear when you have kids. Headphones are no exception so for that reason a cheap pair of headphones is simply logical. I use one or both earbuds when I am on long stretches of road to listen to podcasts, books on tape, or music to keep myself alert and focused. It also helps drown out the “cheerful?” screams in the back.

Battery Pack

Someone’s phone is undoubtedly going to die and that does not make for a fun few hours waiting for it to charge. I also keep two packs charged and in the car. I would recommend finding one with multiple USB ports so you can share the power and the love on the road!

Long Charging Cords

If you haven’t purchased longer cords for charging your devices this is your wakeup call. This is by far the handiest item on trips. Having 10 foot cords is not only a lifesaver in the car but you never know where plugs or outlets are going to be located in your Hotel or AirBnb. Make sure these cords make it into the Travel Gift Basket.

Cord Organizer

What better way to keep all your gadgets organized then in a travel pouch. I use one specifically designed to hold cords and other small electronics to make my life easier. I just leave this packed and ready to go in the suitcase at all times.


The next series of items in my recommended Travel Gifts for Dad fall under the area of comfort. Dads need some comfort items to keep them in tip top shape as well. Here is what I would recommend filling your Travel Gift Basket with:

Bombas Socks

These are like clouds for your feet. I will no longer wear any other type of socks. I love the feeling of Bombas socks and they have such durability. I would recommend getting a neutral color like gray that will work well with light or dark clothing. That way you can keep your packing simple.

All Birds Sneakers

If you have never heard of this shoe brand you have to check it out. I have a pair in every color and they are fantastic. They are so comfortable when you are on the go all day and keep your feet nice and cool. The best part is they are fully washable. At the end of every trip I throw them in the wash with the rest of the dirty clothes and I am ready to go again.

Travel Gifts All Birds Shoes

Neck Pillow

If Dad does get a chance to snooze while on the go a neck pillow is going to come in super handy. I like to keep one by the passenger seat so I can prop up and take a cat nap while I hand over the driving responsibility. Look for something that is portable and easy to store as I am sure your car will already be loaded!

Other Ideas

Rounding out my recommended Travel Gifts for Dad are a couple of miscellaneous items I have come to love over the years.

Quip Toothbrush

If you are like me and use an electric toothbrush at home there is nothing worse than having to pack that heavy unit and charger. I looked around for a simple lightweight travel solution and found Quip. The small brush comes in a nice case and provides all the same feeling of cleanliness as my larger electric toothbrush at home, but in a smaller size.

Snack Box

You know Dad is going to ask what snacks are packed right after you get just far enough away from home to not turn around. And instead of groaning just be prepared with a snack box. Make sure to pick something that your kids can enjoy too because they are likely to hold out their tiny hands as soon as they hear a bag being opened.

Road Trip Snack Box

Travel Basket

Every Dad loves gadgets. It is just built into our DNA, period. So make him the ultimate Travel Gift Basket with an assortment of the ideas above and he will be a happy Dad this year!

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Father's Day Travel Gifts Basket

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