Antelope Canyon

You may not have known where it was taken, but I’d bet you’ve seen a picture of Antelope Canyon. For years, I felt I was seeing this slot canyon’s photography everywhere; calendars, canvas prints, even my Windows background. I just had to check it out for myself and I recommend you do the same!

Located just outside Page, Arizona the canyon is only accessible by guided tour.

We chose the north canyon because it allowed children whereas the south has some obstacles and ladders that must be traversed to get access.  The north is also more famously photographed.  We were not disappointed with the photos that we got and the Navajo tour guides were fantastic in shuffling folks through the canyon so you could get the perfect (no people) shot.

Plan your visit in advance as tickets sell out. We used Navajo Canyon Tours. If you buy tickets in person at the canyon they do require cash. It is a short ride from the parking lot to the canyon in off-road pickup trucks. The tour and transit in total took about 1 hour 45 minutes.

We highly recommend booking in advance especially if you want the prime time tour (noon) with a chance to get the beam of light photo.


So, did you spot the antelope?

Horseshoe Bend, Arizona

Located just outside Page, Arizona Horseshoe Bend is another great stop to snap a truly awesome picture.

This rock outcropping surrounded by water is breathtaking from any angle and has vibrant colors at any time of the day. While it was beautiful to watch the sunset from here, I think our photo of the bend would’ve turned out better midday with high sun.

National Park passes do not work here so you will have to pay $10 to get in. Once you park, it is about a 1 mile walk to reach the overlook so pack some water. Also, there is only one viewing platform with railings the rest of the view-points are open.

Hang on to small children and adults alike. We were quite anxious watching other tourists approach the edge for their perfectly obnoxious selfie.

One More Hike in Page, Arizona

We had some time to kill before our Canyon tour, so we walked the Hanging Garden Trail.  Looking for more incredible things to do in Page, AZ? Find them, here!

Arizona is packed with bucket list worthy adventures. Check them out, here!

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